2D Tube Laser Cutting

Steam's high-tech and efficient 2D tube laser cutting systems increase the range of malleable materials, including stainless steelbrasscopperaluminium, and iron.

Due to the technical department's high competence, professionalism, and efficiency, Steam offers a product customization service that sustains the customer from the design to the cutting phases.

The versatility of the technology used finds application in countless sectors, from nauticalhousewaretapscarpentry, and furniture to automotive.

Available processes and technical data

The flexible working format enables processing tubes with round, square, rectangular, oval, semi-flat, and elliptical sections, processing tubes with a maximum length of 6,500 mm and a maximum cutting length of 4,500 mm.

Cutting head


Tube Cutter

Profiles up to

15 kg/m

of weight

Tube processing

from 12 to 152.4

mm in diameter

Tubes with relatively thin thicknesses and intended for aesthetic purposes can also be processed, as the system is equipped with all the technical precautions to avoid ruining the surface.

Quality outside and inside

The internal cleaning of the pieces is also guaranteed due to a probe inserted from the front side of the bar, which collects dust and cuts residues. This technology, known as a “clean inner tube”, allows the pieces to be processed in recovery without intermediate cleaning or washing treatments.

This specificity is essential for products intended for the passage of liquids and gases and in the food sector, where maximum hygiene of the internal surface of the tube is necessary.