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Stainless steel tubes welded with TIG technology

For over 30 years, Steam has been processing electrojoined stainless steel tubes using the TIG welding method. Likewise, they have been producing them internally for over 20 years, using this technique to make ferrules for flexible hoses and press fitting systems for numerous varied uses.

The traditional TIG method in a controlled atmosphere guarantees the highest quality of union both from a metallurgical and mechanical perspective. Furthermore, the process is monitored at the 100% in line with the non-destructive control system called Eddy Current, which selects the material to be introduced into the production cycle only if it is free of linear and non-linear discontinuities, such as cracks, porosity, corrosion and such like.

Precision and reliability

In the production process of ferrules, tubes serve a crucial role. They are fundamental for the strength and accuracy required by these components. Although their main application is in the tap and thermo-hydraulic sectors, we must recognize their potential in the automotive, household, and multiple other industries.

Their versatility and robustness make them an ideal choice in contexts where quality and resistance are essential.

Strict internal procedures

During the production process, the tube is tested at regular intervals, according to precise and rigorous internal procedures, with destructive inspections to verify the mechanical tightness of the joint and the tube itself.