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Steam srl – Quality Stainless
Stainless steel ferrules and tubes
The company was founded in 1991 as a natural evolution of the previous family run business specialized in the manufacture of copper, brass and stainless steel tubes.

Steam’s products are mainly used in the heating and plumbing industry but can also be utilized within the automotive and houseware sectors.
Nowadays Steam is the leading supplier to the most important manufacturers of flexible hoses, plumbing, sanitary installations and pressfitting systems.

The growth of the company over the past 20 years of business has largely been due to the passion for our work and the knowledge that organization and quality will undoubtedly be the key success factors for the challenges of the future.
This is why Steam was already certified in 1998 according to ISO:9001 standard. This was just part of the improvement process that has continued to the present day. During production, we are fully committed not only to quality but also with the attention to the environment, in compliance with a strict corporate environmental policy.Download - Environmental Policy

Our Team

Andrea Giacobini

General Manager

Ing. Luciano Campani

Quality Assurance

Marie Hélène Wooning

Sales Manager

Michel Riva

Warehouse Manager

Herman Giacobini

Production Manager Laser Technology

Graziella Rinaldi

Accounting Manager

Andrea Cotroneo

Purchasing Department

Ivan Svilpo

Production Manager