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Stainless Steel Ferrules

Stainless steel ferrules and pressfitting sleeves

The ferrules are a simple but fundamental component: creating them directly from a tube was a decisive and far-sighted choice that enabled us to obtain better-quality ferrules from all perspectives.

Owing to our production of stainless steel ferrules, Steam represents a benchmark for high quality and competitiveness in the current market, both for flexible hoses and for the assembly of press fitting systems.

Stainless steel processing

The stainless steel used in producing ferrules is unrivalled in terms of mechanical characteristics and corrosion resistance. It is undoubtedly incomparable to other materials such as brass, aluminium, or galvanized steel.
Stainless steel has numerous qualities and does not need coatings such as chrome plating, nickel plating or galvanization. These processes only guarantee resistance to the crimping process if carried out attentively. They are also renowned for their low environmental impact.

Pressfitting sleeves
Production capacity of over 400,000,000 pieces

Steam ferrules have all the necessary characteristics to be considered the reference point within the market, as confirmed by the large production capacity.