Stainless steel ferrules

Stainless steel ferrules are a simple but essential part in the assembly of flexible plumbing tubes and the assembly of pressfitting systems. The decision to produce the stainless steel ferrules directly from the tube was a difficult but decisive choice, that enabled us to develop a higher quality product from all points of view with excellent production efficiency.

Stainless steel pressfitting sleeves

100%-controlled raw material using non-destructive control systems where every single piece produced is totally traceable thanks to a laser micro-label within each component.

Thickness uniformity and absence of excessive stress and tension in the metal, which grants excellent processing quality if compared to the types of crimping currently used, even when the annealing solution is missing.

Better resistance to inter-granular corrosion thanks to the absence of expansion of the grains, which is typically evident when using other systems of production.

Inexpensiveness and efficiency throughout the entire process and maximum respect for the environment. These are very important aspects, due to continuous improvement based on ongoing technological research and the optimization of productive processes.

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Stainless steel pressfitting sleeves
For flexible hoses
For the assembly of pressfitting systems
Thanks to these products, Steam sets the standard for quality and competitiveness in today’s market.

The stainless steel used to produce the ferrules has no match in terms of mechanical characteristics and resistance to corrosion and it cannot be compared in the slightest to other materials such as brass, aluminum or zinc-coated steel.
Stainless steel is a versatile material, which does not need chromium plating, nickel-plating or zinc coating. These processes, when carelessly carried out, do not grant resistance in crimping and are well known for not being environmentally-friendly.

Our ferrules possess all the necessary characteristics to be considered the reference point within the market, as confirmed by the 350.000.000 pieces produced annually.

Ferrules for flexible plumbing tubes and pressfitting systems

Our ferrules are produced according to the following standards:

EN 13618
Flexible hose assemblies in drinking water installations
EN 10088-2
Technical delivery conditions for sheet/plate and strip of corrosion resisting steels for general purposes
EN 10217-7
Welded steel tubes for pressure purposes
EN ISO 1127
Stainless steel tubes – Dimensions, tolerances and conventional masses per unit length
EN ISO 8493
Drift expanding test